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We want to help you make better decisions for your health and well-being.

HealthPlugged tackles physical and mental health issues with every article through an objective lens. We’re here for the average person without experience in health—and we’re here for life. Because people come to us with unique situations, empathy is our first priority in our institution. 

We understand that medical terms are confusing. We understand that all you want to do is be healthier and know more about your body.

Our dedicated team of certified doctors cuts through the noise and delivers expert-reviewed, straightforward information to help you make better decisions. 

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The Team

HealthPlugged is dedicated to making health and wellness topics easy to digest for everyday readers. Our mission is to educate with accessible, comprehensive, and actionable information so our readers can make their lives better today.

Meet the team behind the reliable articles here at HealthPlugged.

Editorial Process

Each article we push out undergoes a critical review by at least three medical professionals in our team. Everything is fact-checked, organized for easier reading, and packaged in a neat, bite-sized article for our readers.

This meticulous process means articles take two to three weeks before reaching the front page of HealthPlugged. 

Our experts also conduct a quarterly review of all the articles published on the site—updating information, facts, and entire articles if necessary when new information is available.

Look behind the scenes at how each article is made with the highest standards.


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