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There’s quite a bit to consider when looking for the best benfotiamine supplements on the market. But we’ve got you covered with this list!

Vitamin B1, a.k.a thiamine, is a very popular substance found in food and supplements. But have you heard of benfotiamine? It’s the lab-manufactured version of vitamin B1. According to research, it is better absorbed by the body compared to natural B1. [1]

Although thiamine deficiency is rare in the US, it’s linked to diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and others that affect the nerves, brain, and heart. Benfotiamine supplements can boost thiamine levels and aid in combating those diseases. Studies suggest that benfotiamine can aid diabetics in maintaining healthy blood sugar. [2

Another study was done on people with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) which involves clumps of protein in the brain. In addition, those with AD who took 300 mg of benfotiamine for 18 months showed cognitive improvement. [3] However, more research is needed to determine whether benfotiamine can help with other diseases. 

Here’s our list of the best benfotiamine supplements on the market!

Quick Summary

Best Benfotiamine Powder: Bulk Supplements Benfotiamine

Lowest Price/Most Reviewed: Doctor’s Best Benfotiamine

Best All-in-One: Thorne Research Neurochondria

Best in B Vitamins: Multi-B Benfotiamine

BrandBenfotiamine ContentPrice/AmountDosage Recommendation
Doctor’s Best Benfotiamine150 mg~$16/1201 capsule daily, with or without food
Life Extension Mega Benfotiamine250 mg
~$23/1201 capsule one to four times daily
Bulk Supplements Benfotiamine150 mg~$29/50 gramsMix 150 mg of powder with at least 8 oz of water
BenfoComplete Multi-B Benfotiamine150 mg~$29/1202 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening
Thorne Research Neurochondria250 mg~$88/90 Take 3 capsules two times daily

Best Benfotiamine Supplements

Choosing a suitable benfotiamine supplement also be tricky. But hopefully, this article serves as a comprehensive guide. We’ve also included products with different price points as well as the consensus from customers.

Doctor’s Best Benfotiamine

Doctor’s Best Benfotiamine Review

150 mg




1 capsule daily, can be taken with or without food.


  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Safe for vegans
  • Affordable


  • Some side effects were reported

This benfotiamine supplement was made using cGMP manufacturers for their raw materials. A fact sheet is also included for the product in the name of transparency. Moreover, the supplement is made of veggie capsules, which makes it safe for vegans and vegetarians. There’s also a 300mg option for a higher dosage and a 360-capsule pack for a higher quantity. 

Each capsule contains 12 mg of L-Leucine, which may help repair muscles and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Users who have neuropathy and numbness note that the supplement helps provide relief, though heartburn and stomach ache were also reported as side effects.

Overall, the supplement seems well-received, as Doctor’s Best Benfotiamine has attained 4.6 stars out of 5 on both Amazon and iHerb based on over 2000 reviews. 

Life Extension Mega Benfotiamine

Life Extension Mega Benfotiamine Review

250 mg




1 capsule between one to four times daily with or without food


  • Vegetarian and vegan safe
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free


  • Many users did not see any effect
  • Side effects were reported
  • Contains vegetable stearate

Life Extension is a very reliable brand that has a Certificate of Analysis for every product. Aside from benfotiamine, each capsule also contains 10 mg of thiamine (vitamin B1) which enhances the benefits of the capsule. The supplement may also help with healthy blood sugar metabolism, maintain already-healthy glucose levels, and help the body combat oxidative stress.

Some users noted side effects such as muscle pain and increased heart rate. However, in general, the customer reviews are positive. Many users have remarked that the product has helped with their nerve pain relief as well as increased their energy. Also, users who have diabetes seemed to benefit the most. 

Bulk Supplements Benfotiamine

Bulk Supplements Benfotiamine Review

150 mg


$28.87/50 grams


Mix 150 mg of powder with at least 8 oz of water


  • No soy, added sugar, yeast, and dairy
  • No additives
  • Gluten-free
  • Pure benfotiamine


  • Needs to be consumed with water
  • You’ll need a measuring scale  

This supplement is in powder form and is manufactured by a trusted brand. In addition, this is a pure benfotiamine supplement with no other ingredients stated in the packaging. Moreover, you can order it in different sizes with more grams per pack. It may also aid in vision health and support heart health among many other benefits.

User reviews are generally great, though you may need a measuring scale to help with weighing the powder. This ensures you take a proper dose each day or the dose recommended by your doctor.

Users also mentioned that it has helped with energy increase, given them better sleep, and aided in their neuropathy. 

BenfoComplete Multi-B Benfotiamine

maca coffee 2

150 mg




2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening


  • A lot of additional vitamins
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Perfect for those not taking additional B vitamins supplements


  • Contains ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions (gelatin and magnesium stearate)
  • A bit pricey

This brand is new but is committed to providing high-quality supplements which are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.

Furthermore, aside from benfotiamine, each capsule contains vitamins B2, B6, B12, and B5. This would also be perfect for those who are not taking additional vitamin B supplements. However, it may contain ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions, so it would be better to consult your doctor first.

A few customers have mentioned that the product has not successfully helped them, but most of the reviews are positive. A lot of the customers are happy with how this supplement has helped with pain relief and removed the numbness they were experiencing because of neuropathy.  Users with diabetes also seem to enjoy its benefits according to the reviews on Amazon.

Thorne Research Neurochondria

Thorne Research Neurochondria Review

250 mg




Take 3 capsules two times daily with or without food


  • Gluten-free
  • A lot of additional vitamins
  • Free of allergens (peanuts, eggs, tree nuts)
  • All-in-one supplement


  • Very expensive for only 90 capsules
  • Not a lot of reviews

The Thorne Research Neurochondria is an all-in-one supplement that contains more than benfotiamine. It also has vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, R-lipoic acid, and much more. In addition, each component adds and enhances possible benefits, which include cellular energy production and maintaining good neurological health. 

There are not a lot of reviews, but most customers seem to be happy with the benefits it provides. Moreover, some commended it for helping them improve cognitive health and other neurological impairments. However, it can be quite an expensive investment, especially if taken following the dosage recommendation.

How to Choose the Best Benfotiamine Supplements

There are probably hundreds of vitamin B1 or benfotiamine supplements available on the market. Making a decision can be difficult. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best benfotiamine supplements:

Product Purity

When choosing the right supplement for you, try to check the ingredients on the packaging. Product packages may be misleading, but try to keep an eye out for artificial fillers, colorings, or preservatives, all of which can trigger allergic reactions. Artificial additives might also interfere with your medications. Additionally, you won’t be getting the promised nutrient content if it’s full of fillers.

Certified Brand

It’s important to note that supplements don’t go through the same approval process as prescription drugs. Since manufacturers do not have to prove what their supplements contain, it’s important to go for brands with certificates to verify product potency and transparency. Moreover, trusted brands usually have tests conducted by third parties or have a seal for Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Value for Money 

High-quality supplements do not come cheap. It’s important to find the right one that gives you the nutrients you need but won’t break your budget for the long haul. Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile to purchase higher-priced items that guarantee quality. After all, some cheaper ones may actually be low-quality. 

Potential Side Effects of Benfotiamine Supplements

Vitamins are great for health, but they also have side effects especially if taken more than the recommended dosage. Based on studies, the recommended dose is 300 to 600 mg daily, but of course, it’s best to consult a doctor first. [4] If you are also taking other medications, double-check with your doctor to ensure there aren’t any interactions. 

There is still a lack of clinical evidence, but some side effects may include hair loss, dizziness, weight gain, and body odor. In addition, the safety of benfotiamine supplements for pregnant women, children, and those breastfeeding is yet to be studied. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

What is benfotiamine good for?

It’s the lab-made version of thiamine that has higher bioavailability, which means it gets absorbed by the body more easily. [5] It may help alleviate neuropathic symptoms and nerve pain, especially in diabetics. However, there is a need for more human studies to show stronger evidence of its impact.

Is it safe to take benfotiamine?

Generally, it’s safe to consume as long as the dosage recommended by the brand or your doctor is followed. Also, the side effects would depend on each individual and their situation. 

Does benfotiamine raise blood pressure?

There seems to be no scientific evidence that benfotiamine increases blood pressure. However, if you have that specific illness and are taking medications, you should be cautious of any supplement you take.

Bottomline: Best Benfotiamine Supplements (Review Of the Top Brands)

Benfotiamine is the more easily absorbed version of thiamine that is widely used in supplements. It aids in neuropathic symptoms, helps relieve muscle or nerve pain, and can increase energy.  As with any other supplement, it may come with side effects, but this risk is reduced by staying within the recommended dose. 

Disclaimer: This article is only a guide. It does not substitute the advice given by your own healthcare professional. Before making any health-related decision, consult your healthcare professional. We have assembled this article through in-depth research based on the information available at the date of publishing.  We may receive a small commission for purchases you make through our links, but this comes at no extra cost to you. This commission allows us to continue doing what we love through Health Plugged, which is delivering evidence-based health information to our readers worldwide.

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    Beatriz is an exceptional freelance medical writer. This is a craft she has been honing since her university years. Beatriz also has experience writing content in the health and wellness field, which she is extremely passionate about. She aims to help her readers understand their health and wellness deeper and make better health-related decisions. LinkedIn


Beatriz is an exceptional freelance medical writer. This is a craft she has been honing since her university years. Beatriz also has experience writing content in the health and wellness field, which she is extremely passionate about. She aims to help her readers understand their health and wellness deeper and make better health-related decisions. LinkedIn