Content Integrity

Here at HealthPlugged, our integrity to the truth is our most important value.

This means creating articles through a stern and meticulous process to effectively cover and deliver the best content possible. We’re strict in choosing our products, thorough in evaluating brand collaborations, and deliberate in how we use language to make medical jargon easier to read.

HealthPlugged is dedicated to delivering factually accurate, unbiased health and wellbeing information. Each and every article is developed for two weeks or more by our editorial team of certified medical professionals and our expert writers, editors, and proofreaders.

How we source our products

Your trust in our advice and product recommendations is critical in HealthPlugged’s mission. As such, we are completely transparent with how we source and choose products that are worth writing about and even buying. Our editorial and brand outreach teams collaborate to find the best products, even if it comes at the cost of a brand partner. 

Our standards for brand partnership

HealthPlugged’s loyalty to our readers comes first before any brand partnership. We maintain and make sure that all the companies we work with are ones that we can support and stand behind. We check their work and dedicate weeks to reading through their history, research, and practices as a business.