Our Editorial Process

Trust is earned, not bought. HealthPlugged is a collection of hardwork, integrity, and the vision for a trustworthy source of information for health and wellbeing topics. 

Finding health and wellbeing articles online is easy, but it’s difficult to understand most articles, confusing to figure out which source is the right one, and—ultimately—what to do for the problem you’re having.

Our language is direct and deliberate. Our editorial standards are one of the highest in the industry. And, we’re committed to helping you become a stronger and healthier version of yourself.

Here’s how we research, create, and edit the content that you know and rely on.


Our editorial team spends days reading through case studies, analyzing data, and combing through user experience on medicines, pharmaceuticals, and more. Once the outline is complete and the research materials provided, our writers begin reading through and challenging the materials provided by the editors—further testing the information.

The sources we use range from research papers, official material from the manufacturers, user posts online that are carefully combed through, and more. We are a huge advocate in the idea that an article outline and research should be so complete that our writers only look at the article and understand that it makes sense.

HealthPlugged aims to deliver content that’s factually accurate and truthful for our readers.