Vitamins are very important in strengthening our immune system to make us healthier, and the Super-B complex vitamin is one of the most effective. It is a multivitamin that includes eight different vitamins in one tablet.

Benefits of Super-B Complex Vitamins

Super-B Complex Vitamins

Super-B complex vitamins are used as a medication to prevent or treat vitamin deficiency resulting from illnesses, pregnancy, or poor diet. The vitamins aid in converting food into energy which impacts brain functions and cell metabolism. Each vitamin is essential in building up the immune system with its numerous nutrients and components.

A Super-B complex vitamin tablet is composed of eight B vitamins. The eight vitamins are as follows: [1]

  1. B-1 (thiamine) – It aids in the healthy growth and functions of the organs such as the brain and heart.
  2. B-2 (riboflavin) – It helps in breaking down the fats and drugs in the body.
  3. B-3 (niacin) – This vitamin helps in maintaining healthy skin and nerves as well as improving digestion and cholesterol levels.
  4. B-5 (pantothenic acid) – This one helps maintain the health of the brain and nervous system.
  5. B-6 (pyridoxine) – This is great to boost the immune system. It also helps in aiding the body to produce new red blood cells.
  6. B-7 (biotin) – It helps maintain healthy nerve function, hair, and nails.
  7. B-9 (folate) – This is also known as folic acid and is used by the body to make genetic material. It helps produce the necessary nutrients during pregnancy to reduce the risk of birth defects.
  8. B-12 (cobalamin) – This specific vitamin is necessary because the blood cells and nerves of the body require it. Pernicious anemia can also be prevented if B-12 is taken adequately.

Each vitamin has its unique role and function to help us maximize how the body functions. It can affect something as simple as preventing brittle nails to something more complex like brain and nerve functions. This shows the importance of Super-B complex vitamins to maintain our health.

This multivitamin supplement might also aid in preventing migraines because of B-6 and B-12 vitamins. [2] Although, it is important to remember that the effect can be different for everyone according to research.

One of the best benefits of this vitamin is the production of a specific hormone called norepinephrine. Those who have an adequate intake of the vitamin have been proven to have reduced levels of stress and anxiety. [3]

The Super-B complex vitamins work wonders on the body. It’s a great supplement along with a healthy meal plan. Take note that to maximize the benefits the right dosage should be discussed with your doctor based on your needs.

Super-B Complex vs. B-12

Vitamin B-12

As stated before, the Super-B complex vitamin is composed of eight different B vitamins. One of those vitamins is B-12. Deciding between the two will ultimately depend on what your body needs to function as healthily as possible. You can check your vitamin deficiencies, if you have any, to make a more sound judgment.

Vitamin B-12 has gained a reputation as a powerhouse supplement because of its many benefits. It’s known as an energizer, stress reducer, and even a sleeping aid. It is a vital vitamin for the body as it helps in cell metabolism and DNA creation according to the National Institutes of Health

If you’re already taking a Vitamin B complex, there is no need to take a separate B-12 supplement because it’s unnecessary. There is rarely any harm in taking both because having the excess B-12 in your system is flushed out by your body naturally. But, extreme levels of B-12 in your body can cause mild side effects such as fatigue and headaches.

Vitamin intake is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is best to discuss this with your doctor, especially if you are taking other medications that might interfere with the effects of Vitamin B complex or B-12. The choice can also be based on your diet and the specific vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Super-B Complex Vitamins Side Effects

Stomach ache

As with all other medications, some risks have to be kept in mind when taking Vitamin B complex. The risks may differ depending on the person and the situation they’re in. It’s always important to consult your doctor to avoid any mishaps when taking supplements.

Once you start taking Vitamin B complex, it is important to feel how your body or system reacts to it. For instance, look for signs of allergic reactions such as rashes, tightness in the throat and chest, blistered skin, swelling of the mouth or face, and trouble breathing. Contact your doctor immediately to remedy the problems.

Some people have reported having mild stomach aches and fever once they started taking the vitamins. These side effects might be temporary as the body gets used to the vitamins. Another side effect that has been reported is insomnia. If you exceed the recommended Vitamin B complex intake, your sleep cycle might be interrupted.

If your doctor has given you the approval to use this vitamin, it means that the benefits outweigh the risks. Serious side effects are rare when taking Vitamin B complex, but it would not hurt to be more alert and aware of your body. It’s also very important to follow the instructions to avoid overdose. 

Vitamin B Complex Dosage

Super-B Complex Vitamins

This multivitamin is taken orally once a day or as recommended by your doctor. Take it with a glass full of water. The tablet can also come in a chewable form or extended-release capsules. The Vitamin B complex dosage might differ depending on gender and specific situations such as pregnancy.

For Women:

  • Vitamin B-1 – 1.1 mg
  • Vitamin B-2 – 1.1 mg
  • Vitamin B-3 – 14 mg
  • Vitamin B-5 – 5 mg 
  • Vitamin B-6 – 1.5 mg
  • Vitamin B-7 – 30 mcg
  • Vitamin B-9 – 400 mcg
  • Vitamin B-12 – 2.4 mcg

For Men:

  • Vitamin B-1 – 1.2 mg
  • Vitamin B-2 – 1.3 mg
  • Vitamin B-3 – 16 mg
  • Vitamin B-5 – 5 mg 
  • Vitamin B-6 – 1.3 mg
  • Vitamin B-7 – 30 mcg
  • Vitamin B-9 – 400 mcg
  • Vitamin B-12 – 2.4 mcg

Those who are older and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will need a higher dose of B Vitamins. Underlying health conditions might also affect your needed Vitamin B complex oral dosage. Consult your doctor to check if you are B Vitamin deficient so that the dosage can be adjusted to what you need.

Best Time To Take Vitamin B Complex

The best time to take your Vitamin B complex tablet is in the morning. Some research suggests that taking your vitamins in the afternoon can disrupt your sleep cycle. Take your vitamins with a meal to maximize absorption.

If you drink tea or coffee in the morning, take the Vitamin complex B tablet an hour after your morning brew since caffeine increases urination which impacts the concentration of the vitamins since they are water-soluble.


Super-B complex vitamins give us the necessary nutrients to ensure that the body is functioning properly since a tablet is composed of eight B Vitamins. There are a lot of benefits to taking the vitamin especially if you are experiencing deficiency, but it is also important to take note of the possible side effects. Just be alert and focus on how your body feels afterward.

The Vitamin B complex dosage is varied depending on several factors as mentioned in this article. Your doctor should be able to give you the proper dosage depending on your circumstances or needs.

Disclaimer: This article is only a guide. It does not substitute the advice given by your own healthcare professional. Before making any health-related decision, consult your healthcare professional.

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  • Beatriz Galang

    Beatriz is an exceptional freelance medical writer. This is a craft she has been honing since her university years. Beatriz also has experience writing content in the health and wellness field, which she is extremely passionate about. She aims to help her readers understand their health and wellness deeper and make better health-related decisions. LinkedIn


Beatriz is an exceptional freelance medical writer. This is a craft she has been honing since her university years. Beatriz also has experience writing content in the health and wellness field, which she is extremely passionate about. She aims to help her readers understand their health and wellness deeper and make better health-related decisions. LinkedIn